2016 Syrah - The Harvest ($40) [save 30% per case] New

2016 Syrah - The Harvest ($40) [save 30% per case]

The Harvest of Beulah LandDark plum by sight and aromatic spice and soy with blackcurrant syrup on t..


2017 Chardonnay - The Haven ($26) [save 30% per case]

The Haven of Beulah LandGolden and ethereal, this latest vintage begins with crisp pineapple and hon..


2015 Red Blend - The Forge ($42) [save 30% per case]

The Forge of Beulah LandDeep mahogany and crimson, this juicy and complex Bordeaux blend exudes a pl..


The Story of Beulah Land

With a palate initially cultivated by the wines enjoyed throughout his San Luis Obispo residency, David Elson was inspired to create his own label to capture his Waterloo, Iowa upbringing and many travels and experiences. The story of Beulah Land begins with David portrayed as the Bunting bird. Raised in a large family with traditional values, David leaves home to experience the excitement of California and to develop new relationships and success. His journey begins with the Forge and is recounted in a letter to a loved one. His bold emergence is depicted in the structure of the red blend and carries flight to his next destination, the Haven of Beulah Land. Inspired by the steadfast character of his grandmother Beulah Crow Bunting, David seeks comfort and safe harbor exemplified with each Chardonnay. The special treasures the Bunting bird meets throughout his travels are revealed in a series of whites through the Opulence of Beulah Land; its personalities he deems priceless and while safety and beauty is abundant, his adventure is also full of diversity. Grandfather, Archibald "Arch" Bunting, foretells danger and offers guidance to the Bunting bird in the Harvest of Beulah Land. The red wine series offers complex and mysterious palate encounters, delivering the Bunting bird and his followers to personal victory.